Mr K Amarnath Shetty has been a household political figure over the past many years. Belonging to a simple family of farmers from Paladka’s Mundrudeguthu, Mr Shetty is a multi-faceted personality who has a keen penchant for socializing.
He is a statesperson whose main principle of life is ‘life is to serve humanity’. Going by this belief Mr Shetty accepts success and failure in equal measures, he sticks to an equal code of conduct with everyone. One of his traits has never been to be bogged down by the fact that whether or not he has access to political power. The person who has made the true spirit of a farmers novelty as his main aim of life, is also fun-loving and jovial person by nature. Be it his residence of Sagarkatte or his luxurious mansion ‘Aashritha’ at Gandhinagar, there is always a crowd of well-wishers and relatives visiting him.
Mr. Shetty’s polite course of interaction has the power to solve any mountainous human problem. Mr.Shetty has been an active social and political figure of the district since the past 46 years and has been waging a political war with people’s problems, thus helping the public to overcome them. Even though he has represented many political parties, today people respect him without any bias to any political party. This goes on to prove th peopularity of his noble character. He is mostly seen around wearing clothes that are pure white in colour. His interactive ability is such that any mortal on this earth can be mightily impressed.
Q. Who has been your main inspiration to contest for the elections? Mr Shetty: Ever since I have started to contest the elections, if the J H Patel, Mr Ramakrishna Hegde and several other political luminaries have been a major inspiration for me to carry on my political aspiration.
Q. Kindly elaborate on your past societal achievements. Mr Shetty: The laid-back Moodbidri became a part of the Mulky Vidhana Sabha Constituency only after I entered the political scenario., During my administrative tenure, Moodbidri and Mulky started to get financial grants from the government for development, local administrative offices, industrial premises, Morarji Desai boarding schools and also ITI, CPEd, establishing of polytechnic, Ayurvedic, Nursing and Physiotherapy Colleges were sanctioned as a result of my relentless efforts. Aprt from this the project concerning the Moodbidri’s river Phalguni and providing drinking water facility to Mulky got approved by the government once I stared my political career. Besides this, the recreating the city of Moodbidri as a separate taluk, constructing bypass roads as well as road construction and road improvisation works have been implemented. The JD(S) government was in power in 2006 I requested the then PWD Minister Mr H D Revanna to sanction Rs 2.5crores for the purpose of constructing four major roads connecting Moodbidri to important places. Also Shirtadi-Anngudde Road, Mavinakatte-Gundyadka-Kallamundkur Road, Kadandale-Mudkadappu-Jodukatte Road where constructed as a result of my hardwork.
Q. What plans do you have for the betterment of people, in case you win the elections? Mr Shetty: No matter whether I win or loose the elections, I will also fight to retain the rights of the farmers. Am always keen to help of the public with all their grievances and I carry on with task which are oriented towards public welfare as a matter of breathing daily to stay acvtively alive. Public support is my real wealth and I gives me tremendous will-power. I always work to provide better opportunities to the public, the leadership of Mr Kumarswamy’ government I have always aimed at taking on the neglected public matters who hand that has gained me a lot of respect and proved my credibility as a minister.
Q. Will you work towards providing basic amenities to the people of your constituency if you emerge as a winner? Mr Shetty: My main inspiration for being in the political field and fundamental reason for me to have reached this stature of a political figure is my concern to make life better for the people of my city. So it is understood that I have been constantly struggling to provide basic amenities to the people, and I will continue to do so. Moodbidri had not witnessed a single communal riots or any acts of violence and uncultured behaviour as long as my party was in power but ever since one particular opposite party took over, dirty politics as automatically risen its held head in the city. Shameful acts of political discrimination and unnecessary issues of blame have been resorted to by the opposite party.
Q. What do you plan to do for the upliftment of poor and backward people? Mr Shetty: Since I hail from family of farmers and I have been living amidst poor people, I very well understand their needs and expectations. I will do whatever is with in my capacity to improve their life.